Apartments Maestral are located in municipality Tkon. Including apartments Maestral we offer tourism services like GA-GA beach bar (with a shower) , GA-GA fast food, paddle boats (with slides) , a boat, a speed boat... Apartments Maestral is a great place to spend summer vacation, because it offers fresh, clean air, beutiful beaches, a clean sea and lots of stunning views of nature. For those who plan on participating in Škraping, apartments Maestral offers you a great place to sleep and rest.

Municipality Tkon is located on the island Pašman. Pašman is contected with the mainland by ferry lines: Tkon - Biograd (travel time is around 15 minutes) and Preko - Tkon (travel time is around 25 minutes) . Preko and Tkon are connected by around 29 kilometers of road "D110". More about municipality Tkon.

Škraping is a unique international trekking race on sharp island rocks and belongs to the kind of extreme sports. The participants are divided into three groups depending on which of the three different races they had chosen before hand, the difference between the three races are the lenghts of the courses. More about Škraping.

Prices are negotiable, they vary depending on the desired term of stay, the number of adults, number of children, the age of the children... Prices vary from 40€ to 80€. Everything is included in the prices.

For more information contact us on our e-mail, facebook, mobile phone or telephone (for all the information about the contacts go to CONTACTS) .